What’s in a name? Well, my name is Max and it means the “greatest”. I will not claim to be the greatest cat ever, but I can tell you I have the greatest will to live, the greatest capacity to love, and I have been told I am the greatest snuggler.

My story is typical of community cats. I have the feeling I lived with a family when I was only a kitten, because I really love the company of humans. At some point, however, I ended up on the streets in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, trying only to survive from day to day. I must have been living on the street for many, many years because I am now at least 10 years old. There were several community cat colonies in the area during this time, but I had trouble feeling accepted by any of the groups. I was on the fringe of different colonies, eating whatever food was leftover. In 2013, I came across a new colony called Northside, and the cats there let me eat all the food I wanted. I didn’t realize it then, but the members of Big Hands Little Paws had been caring for the Northside colony for a few years. Therefore, I was always able to obtain enough food, water and shelter if I needed it.

Unfortunately, in 2014, our colony was coming to an end because of new construction. I noticed the other cats started disappearing. Unbeknownst to me, BHLP rescued all of them, and soon, me! I was in pretty bad shape at that time. I had an upper respiratory and ear infection, and apparently, had never been to the dentist. I had major dental surgery, received treatment for my infections and soon started feeling better.

For the past couple of months, I have been recovering with an amazing foster family. I am FIV/FeLV negative, neutered, microchipped, have had all vaccines and feel really good! My sights are set on a new goal: finding the “greatest” forever family to take me home. Are YOU the greatest?


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