Fitness For Your Feline

exercise mercedesActivity is vital for keeping your cat healthy. Not only is it fun to watch your little feline play and exercise, but it releases anxiety and stress your cat might be feeling, eliminates boredom, and provides bonding between humans and other animals in the house. Exercise and playtime also help to keep your cat physically fit by maintaining a healthy body weight and keeping the muscles toned and strong. Staying active can prevent behavioral problems while increasing your cat’s alertness and interest in interacting.

On average, we recommend spending 10-15 minutes a few times a day engaging your little one in some type of activity. You can increase or decrease frequency depending upon the age and health of your cat. Some cats seem like they can play and play and play with no end in sight. Our adorable rescue, Mercedes, will play with anything, anyone, anytime — as you can see, she even works out, loving her resistance cables! Other cats may need some probing: in these instances, start slow, find something that sparks that cat’s interest and begin playing a couple of minutes at a time, gradually increasing each day.

Once you get your cat interested, s/he will naturally become more active. Just remember to keep your feline challenged. If they seem to grow bored with a specific toy or object, change it up and encourage fun. You will eventually find that your cat will come to look forward to exercise and playtime, and so will you!