Paws to Reflect: Edgar, Allen and Poe – A Cautionary Tail


LB. Halloween Portraits of the Pets.

There once was a house that age made creaky,

with faucet taps that rust made leaky,

and that people near by found kind of freaky.


Beneath its roof dwelled three shadowy souls,

all males, named Edgar, Allen and Poe.

Not much was known of their pedigrees.

Though many claimed that their ancestries

reached back to Bastet and ancient Thebes.


Yet, it more likely, that they were bred

in a modern time and place instead.

Still, each possessed a Nubian sheen

and stared with eyes more yellow than green,

which, was all of them that could be seen,

when any kind of light was screened.


They played their games when drapes were drawn,

preferring the time between dusk and dawn.

They might run wild through the night,

and, to those whose paths they crossed, give fright.


They dug up beds where seeds laid buried,

and chased the creatures that flew and scurried.

As for the consequences, they never worried.

And somewhat to neighboring folks’ dismay

They’d lay for view, the proof of their play.


The three went on being, without care or woe,

just three slinky devils, Edgar, Allen and Poe.

But then in advance of one All Hallow’s Eve,

for Mischief Night they were to achieve

more Hell than even Dante conceived.


Donning masks, hats and veils

that covered them from head to tails,

they left the creaky house behind

with hopes to prowl about and find

Treats to nip of the savory kind.

But the best laid plans of mice and toms

sometimes take turns that are far from calm

when what ensues is an unplanned meeting

with those engaged in trick-or-treating,

expressly with an intent on sheeting

whatever they can before retreating.


With costumes making them less fleet of paw

the three couldn’t run from what they saw.

Thus when the rolls of paper floated

toward them they were utterly coated.

Each struggled and clawed in desperation

and suffered an increase in respiration

then finally once shredded free upturned

a pumpkin in which one candle burned,

which sent a spark that blazed to fire,

causing each to stumble and get mired

in spider webbing and spooks’ attire.


And as they darted away in panic

they scattered the tatters of décor satanic.

And with some whiskers singed with gray,

they finally found refuge from the fray.


They came upon a toppled tray

glistening with a sugary glaze

and puddles of punch, 40 proof laced.

Being more than a little thirsty and starved

the three starting lapping with no regard

for any warnings of dos and don’ts

of food and drink that cats, or dogs, just won’t

be able to at all digest,

should they happen to ingest.

And so it was how the these three

came to rest for all eternity.


What can we learn from their spree?

To have fun, but be mindful on Halloween.

Lest your best furry friend may go

the way of Edgar, Allen and Poe.


The lessons of the story being that Halloween can be fun for you and your pet, provided you remember that what is harmless to two legged is not necessarily harmless to the four-legged. Decorations should be tangle free and costumes light and comfortable fitting. In a crowd, keep your pet close on a lead. Remember: candy and alcohol are for humans only!