Name Spirit


What a difference a lot of love and kindness makes!!! My name is Spirit (formerly known as Smokey) and I have a “before” and “after” life.

Before, I was living in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, part of a colony that was not looked after on a regular basis. One day, I don’t remember exactly when, but I was injured – I do not have any memory of it, but was told months later that I was probably hit by a car and left for dead, with no help or vet care. I am not sure what happened, but I was limping and had difficulty walking, running and jumping.

After, I was at an animal hospital, after being rescued by Big Hands Little Paws (with the help of trapper Tara Y.), and found out what what was wrong – I had a shattered femur and injured pelvis. The only options were to do nothing or to amputate my leg. If nothing was done, it was likely my injury would get worse and cause lots of pain. Lucky for me, the decision was made to amputate and the surgeon and his team were amazing – within 2 weeks I was walking and jumping. I might only have three legs now, but I can do everything!

While recovering from the surgery, I was with the sweetest foster mom, Crystal. I started to learn that humans can be trusted. I guess being on the street for my entire life, with no contact with people, caused me to think humans were not nice – and that they just wanted to hurt me. Now, that is changing. Crystal showed me what I have been missing and really helped me recover after my surgery. I am now in a new foster home with Diana and continuing to trust people and having a warm bed and lots of food.

I hope one day I will have be part of a forever family! Maybe it will be with you!!