Who wants to play??!!  Well, I am Sebastian and I will play with anyone and (almost) anything! I also having amazing jumping abilities — probably from the part Bengal in me — and can pull down any wand toy, no matter how high you swing it!I am one and a half years old. About six months ago, I was dumped at the NYC Animal Care & Control in Manhattan and was almost immediately placed on that dreaded list.  I am not sure why, but think it was because I came down with a respiratory infection. Thankfully, Big Hands Little Paws rescued me, helped me feel better, and even got me neutered (yikes!) and micro-chipped.I also have been having lots of my fun with my foster family, which includes a house full of humans and other cats, but I really, really want to find a forever family.  Since I like to play for hours on end, I probably wouldn’t connect as well with another who does not enjoy activity. I will definitely keep trying to get him/her to play regardless of their interest. I love kittens because they LOVE to play! I have 3 foster sister kittens and we frolic and snuggle all the time. This is the kind of companionship I long for.
The members at BHLP think I would do best with an experienced cat parent.  I’m cool with that since I want someone who can teach and show me a few new things.  And, I am a quick learner: I know how to sit for treats (hint! hint!).  I am FIV/FELV negative, neutered and micro-chipped, and am all ready to “jump” into your arms…
Please catch me and take me home?