Is there anyone out there who is looking for a cute, bright-eyed, lovable, playful, and slightly demanding, kitten?!  Well, that’s me! My name is Mercedes and this is my story:

I don’t remember how it happened, but at 6 weeks old I ended up alone, starving, flea-infested and really scared.  I somehow made my way into a public garage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with lots of moving cars and many humans coming in and out.  I had no food or water and, even though I meowed, nobody seemed to hear me.  That is — until the founder of Big Hands Little Paws, Pamela, came into the garage one day and was told there was a kitten hiding somewhere. I didn’t know she was there to help me, so I stayed hidden.  When she tried to pick me up, I ran towards a Mercedes SUV while trying to crawl as far underneath it as I could. As it turned out, I ended up getting stuck!  Luckily, there were building workers in the garage at that time who were kind and helped free me. Four hours later, I was in Pamela’s arms, fed, given my first bath, went to my very first doctor’s appointment, and slept in a warm bed! I have made a lot of new friends since then, including cats, dogs and humans.  It might take me a moment to feel comfortable with new friends, but once I do, you will be my friend forever! At 5 months old, I am healthy, micro-chipped, and fully vaccinated.  

I have been spoiled this past year in Williamsburg with my foster family, who I really love. I am truly grateful for the affection everyone at BHLP has shown me. But, I am still looking for my forever home.  Will you be the one to make my day, everyday?

Cat Adoption Application